Mass Invasion to Central Europe — Some thoughts on German Passiveness

by WolfgangRettig

In response to the thoughts of former feminist “Wive with a purpose”,
“Welcome Refugees?? I blame feminism, this is why”…
I have done a video on my own.

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Her thoughts on feminism, emasculation, family values and mass migration to Europe are very inspiring for me.

This is the first video ever that I have made in English, my mother tongue and Nationality is German.

I live in Mannheim, Germany, in a neighbourhood of about 90 per cent non-Germans. Through the last 30 years I have witnessed a major German city loosing its identity. The automobile has been invented in Mannheim, my flat is about 500 meters away of the former garage of Carl Benz in Mannheim’s centre. The bicycle has been invented in Mannheim, too. It is about time to speak up against our cultural self-destruction. I do exactly that since June, 2015, and now for the first time I do it in English. The extinction of my German people would not make this world a better place, I would say. It will not happen.



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