NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE IN | Winston Churchill | October 29th, 1941

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  1. Unfortunately, no evidence is mentioned, but also this had so determined. It corresponds to the facts. Hitler had also been able to negotiate a peace with England in 1941. That is precisely why he had sent Rudolf Hess to England. But as before the war, it was Churchill who had denied Hitler’s peace efforts. What can not be denied to anyone that Churchill is a Jew. Even in the First World War Germany, England had offered a peace. France had fallen, Belgium, Holland and England were also defeated in 1916. Nevertheless Germany offered a peace to Russia, too.

    If Germany leaves all occupied territories, all war operations will be ended, for a lasting peace in Europe. The story was consciously falsified by the Zionists, because one wanted to have the world community on the side in order to be able to annex Palestine with the consent of the world community. Winston Churchill is a war criminal. The Winston Churchill Zionist was, is also no mystery but openly known reality! So the statement on the video is absolutely correct, but I would be grateful if this Video with few German subtitles would give, since I myself only broken understand.

    England, as a former colonial power, also France, Belgium, and Holland believed that a concentration of Germany, Austria, and Italy might fall into their position of power in Europe, so that unrest could also arise in their colonies. Therefore, a large Germany should be prevented. According to what I could find in this way, it was a pure psychological representation of these 4 states, since neither the German Emperor wanted a war nor 1939 Hitler. He had still tried 24 hours before the outbreak of the war England also asked to influence Poland to distance himself from the annexation.

    Churchill and the Zionists, have more than 30 million lives on their conscience. Germany had the right to protect its citizens from Poland. But the Zionists have their own international law. The dead do not play a role when it comes to the implementation of their interactions, see 9/11. The Second Faked Crime in the Last 120 Years. The Holocaust on the Palestinian people with millions of deaths should also be made public. Israel and the Zionists, bear the full responsibility for this.

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