Livin with Rapefugees and Crimigrants

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NoGoArea in Essen / North Rhine Westphalia: Police was surrounded by a group of criminal libanese family members, as they wanted to control a car parking in the middle of the road. 20 – 30 people came to defend the 49 year old driver, who was lately arrested. This happens every day in Germanys NoGoAreas.

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Going by trains and undergrounds is no longer save for women and young girls. What a 26 year old Algerian did to three woman in a German Intercity train with destination Erfurt is a true story, which lefties and islamophile cuckservatives call “Einzelfall” (individual cases), but the truth is, that these crimes increase in relation with the rate of mass immigration.

Every day the police is called, because some migrants get in trouble with other migrants. In a small town they damaged even the shop of a greengrocer, where one of the migrants tried to hide for his enemies.

More and more children are raped by migrants, for example a nine year old girl in Chemnitz. In Freiburg the police caught a 29 year old migrant from Syria, who tried to highjack two kids from a playground and sexually harassed an 8 years old girl playing on the street. The father of two children said, the police rejected his call for help, because they had no capacity during the weekend and they are not sure, taking children away from the playground means crime, it could be a misunderstanding. The father could take a fotograph from the suspected man and so he could be identified after (!) he found his last victim, the little girl playing on the street.

What happens, if you leave your kids alone in a municiple swimming pool? Find out, and follow the hashtag #ImSchwimmbadpassiert. Use the translator and read about some more rapefugees.

This is what it means to live with rapefugees and crimigrants in good old Germany. And be sure – every story we tell is nothing but the truth.




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