Tommy Robinson: “Get these murderous scumbags off our streets”

Tommy Robinson reports at around 10:30 this evening, a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge in another Islamic attack. Watch as he sends a powerful …


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  1. Dear Tommy Robinson,
    I´m sorry, but your countryfellows are tolerating them since 35 years. Close your borders, take all muslims their british passports and stop exporting war into world. Send your military in their baracks where they belong when no thread against UK is to be seen. Western countries are warmongers by criminal NATO also since the 60ties and you are wondering about resistence from those people who suffer from it ?
    That´s not honest and you are not really credible. Stop your attaccs against Russia. They´re the only nation, that really and truthworthy defeats muslim Terror. You and US, France only by mouth. All even not credible.

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