RAW: Driver Mows Down Antifa, BLM at Unite The Right Charlottesville

The Rebel’s Faith Goldy was only metres away from a horrific scene in Charlottesville, Virginia where hundreds from the Alt-Right had gathered to rally in Lee …

via Youtube Channel Rebel Media


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2 Kommentare

  1. Brute force is ugly and bad. Either which side uses it.
    If we cannot express ourselves by words and arguments, we´ll fall back an become animals.

    • Well that means the left is to blame, because they are the ones censoring and shutting down right wingers. If free speech is suppressed in favor of leftists, why are the right wingers to blame, if they have no other option than to fall back to violence? If suppressing free speech and violence are both aggressive acts, the first aggressive act was performed by the left. But if we ignore everything else than violence, we also ignore the validity and effects of causality and guilt. Besides, censorship is an act of violence by the state through legislation, executive and even judiciary – because if people do not obey the law, state violence or coercion is the answer. So if the left uses the state as their weapon, it was indeed them, who started the violence.

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