Mainstream Media Crisis: German News Mag “DER SPIEGEL” Dismisses 35 Employees

der Spiegel photo
Photo by pasa47

In recent years, the former investigative magazine “Der Spiegel” has become a platform for left-wing radicals and multiculturalism. It supported Hillary Clinton and told lies about the Trump campaign. You may think, why did they tell all these lies about The Donald – the Germans do not vote the president of the United States.

In Germany Merkel’s Cuckservatives fear they will lose votes to the opposite AfD next year. The Leader, Frauke Petry wants to close the border and send illegal immigrants to their homelands, like Marine LePens Front National in France. That’s why the Spiegel libtards startet a campaign against patriots who wanted to beware Germany.

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But the people are tired of mainstream media lies and so the “Spiegel” has to dismiss for the first time in its history about 35 employees.

But that is not all. The publishing house employs 727 people and has to release a total of 149 in the next year. (meedia)


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