For the EU the ISIS bell tolls

As long as dismantling ISIS in the Middle East is concerned, a massive war campaign is not the unique option because it would kill civilians and would directly lead to a violent retaliation, the EU can aim at wearing out the enemy by affecting its means of self-sufficiency. The EU can indeed push to end buying black oil sold by ISIS: with oil prices already plummeted a long time ago, this will definitely inflict the final blow to ISIS fragile economy. Another front to act upon is to stop the trade of weapons in the Middle East – EU leaders should strongly advise EU member states not to send weapons neither to the so-called “moderate opposition” such as the Free Syrian Army, because they will easily fall into the hands of the extremists, nor to countries such as Saudi Arabia which allegedly resell them to ISIS fighters. Green MEP Bodil Valero, EU rapporteur on weapons, has pointed out several times that Eastern European countries have sold weapons that have come into the hands of the extremists and are responsible of fomenting conflicts in the Middle East.

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As long as internal policies are concerned, the EU needs a “Realpolitik” on immigrant fluxes and on the growing radicalization in internal borders by pushing integration policies as a long-term goal. But on the short-term objectives, EU should impose stricter security at the transport hubs such as airports, main train station and seaports and increase general surveillance at the big events. The path to be followed is the one set by Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, who travelled to Israel to learn Israeli best practices on security and surveillance while exploring the measures and devices installed at International Airport Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv.

It is therefore highly recommendable that the other European countries get out of the sleep and seriously address ISIS terrorist threat.


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