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17. April 2017 Redaktion

George Soros Accused Of “Puppeteering” Government In New Lawsuit +++ Swedish security police want man accused of terrorism for Islamic centre fire to be deported +++ BREAKING: 16 YEAR OLD AMERICAN GIRL BEATEN AND BURNED ALIVE BY MUSLIM IMMIGRANT. [lesen]


3. April 2017 Redaktion

Europe: Combating Fake News Egypt’s President al-Sisi Leaves Cairo for Washington to Meet Trump Sheelah Kolhatkar: Hedge Funds Are The Robber Barons Of Our Time Jewish centre in northern Sweden closes following Nazi threats It’s Official, Pentagon Will Now Keep [lesen]


2. April 2017 Redaktion

Los Angeles Times Editorial Loses It over Trump: ‘Narcissist,’ ‘Demagogue’ Developing: Ecuador Election Could Determine Fate of Assange Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches German Police Accused of Covering Up What They Knew About Christmas Market Killer [lesen]

Headlines 4/1/17

1. April 2017 Redaktion

Merkel: Migrants and Germans Can Learn from Each Other Maher: It Looks Like Russia ‘Installed’ ‘Trump and His Crime Family’ ‘To Loot and Destroy America’ Europe: Combating Fake News TRUMP SIGNS EXECUTIVE ORDERS RAMPING UP TRADE [lesen]